The Value Of A Lawn Care Program And Landscaping Services

21 Jan

What is the difference between Landscaping and Lawn Care? Landscaping typically refers to keeping the condition, color and vibrancy of already existing lawns throughout the year. Some services which fall under landscaping are soil testing, weed control, fertilizer, aeration, seed treatment, deep-root gardening for trees and shrubs, seeding and irrigation. On the other hand, Lawn Care is more concerned with the appearance and maintenance of the grass, the weeds and the turf itself. Some common lawn care services which are commonly performed by homeowners are snow removal, maintenance of the landscape, mulching, lawn irrigation, garden preparation, pest control and more. The common service areas included in lawn care services include edging, lawn mowing, trimming, erosion control, and mulching. The cutting of edges around plants usually done by a lawn service company to create a uniform and aesthetically appealing lawn. Edging, mowing and trimming, however, should only be done as a last resort to avoid damaging or hurting the plant as well as damaging the grass and turf. In addition, trimming and edging should not be done excessively as this can also damage the grass, the soil and the turf. To know more about lawn maintenance services, check out this site.

Another common service area in lawn maintenance services is fertilization. Fertilization helps to ensure that the grass grows strong and healthy. However, excessive fertilization can also do damage to the lawn. Lawn fertilizers are available in bag or granular forms. Both methods require applying of the fertilizer after spreading them over the ground or after the grass has grown to a certain height. Other lawn care services which are essential to help maintain a beautiful lawn include edging, lawn mowing and grass trimming. Edging keeps the grass apart from the weeds, keeps the grass healthy and prevents it from growing into irregular shapes. Lawn edging is usually done by hand or with various tools such as hand trowels, spades and rakes. A very popular way of edging is using plastic edging which is available at all garden supply stores. Click on this link to find a top rated lawn care near me.

Lawn aeration is another service area where a lawn care program and landscaping services go hand in hand. Aeration helps to aerate the soil and let the air and water to penetrate deep into the roots of the grass making it stronger and healthier. If not treated properly, the roots will get damaged and eventually die. Many of the lawn care services which specialize in aerating the soil also provide services such as mulching and weed control. Lawn mowing and weed control are two more essential services provided by many lawn care services. By cutting the grass, you allow for more even distribution of nutrients throughout the soil for better weed and grass health. You can now either at designated times or on an as-needed basis. Many times a mower will need to be brought in to maintain an even height.

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